Conference Access for Pathology Faculty and Residents

As the Department has grown with many of us away from our Oakland hub, we have recognized a need to provide continuing educational opportunities to department members. To this end we have set-up a system that should allow you to access from remote sites.

Beginning the week of March 4, 2002, we have begun broadcasting our Seminars in Laboratory Medicine/Current Topics in Laboratory Medicine (12:00 Noon, Monday), Departmental Seminar (12:00 Noon, Wednesday), Diagnostic Pathology Conference (12:00 Noon, Thursday). If you miss the talk, the lectures will be archived (Except the SLM lectures and unless the Presenter objects) and can be accessed through the same log on mechanism.

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Archived Lectures (February 2002 - Present)

Most recent and upcoming lectures

Wednesday, April 3
Departmental Seminar
"Pathology: Innovating Our Future for the 21st Century"
Alexander Russell Judkins, M.D.
University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA
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Thursday, March 28
Anatomic Pathology Grand Rounds
"Ancillary Studies in Urinary Cytology: Past, Present and Future"
Juan Xing, M.D.
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Thursday, March 28
Cytology Educational Activity
"ASC cell talk: FNA technique (extended version)"
Lama Farchoukh Farhat, M.D.
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Wednesday, March 6
Departmental Seminar
"A Decade of Therapeutic Development for Aggressive Thyroid Cancers: Lessons Learned from a Surgical Lab"
Sareh Parangi, M.D.
Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA
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